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Level Collection
Ref No CE51, CE61 and CE77
CallNumber RH25 and RH27
Repository Dumfries Archive Centre
Title Customs Records of Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Langholm, Lockerbie, Stranraer and Wigtown
Date 1824-1973
Scope&Content Customs records for Dumfries (and its subsidiary Custom posts - Kirkcudbright, Langholm and Lockerbie), Stranraer and Wigtown comprising :
CE51: DUMFRIES Outport and District - 1)Collectors' report books 1920-29, 1943-71; 2)Letter books 1944-71 and letter books for Langholm and Lockerbie 1940-46, 1960-61; 3)Register of apprentice indentures 1861-73; 4)Shipping registers, Kirkcudbright Creek 1824-41 and Dumfries 1824-1904; 5)Account of vessels registered 1825-72; 6)Registers of transactions 1866-1945; 7)Index of ships registered 1875-1945; 8)Register of confirmations 1940-67;
CE61: WIGTOWN - 9) Shipping registers 1836-1920; 10) Abstracts of vessels 1850-96;
CE71: STRANRAER - 11)Shipping registers 1824-1908; 12)Registers of transactions 1855-85; 13)Abstracts of vessels 1844-91; 14)Declaration book 1836-59
Admin History Scotland had a separate Board of Customs from 1707 until 1829 and of Excise from 1799 until 1830 from which date they were amalgamated as the Board of Customs and Excise. The Outport records consist of letterbooks and miscellaneous records from each port which had a customs office and can contain details of sailings and arrivals of vessels, wrecks, seizures of cotraband and details about the officers. The names and salaries of customs officers are in the establishment books. The series of shipping registers instituted by Act of Parlaiment in 1824, gives full details of the structure and rigging of each vessel, its owners, master and subsequent changes of ownership.
Format Manuscript
Extent 37 volumes
Access Conditions Catalogued

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